Darryl S. Roberts

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~Biography & Philosophy of Ministry~

Born September 22, 1961, Reverend Darryl S. Roberts is a native of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, the fourth child of Mr. and Mrs. James C. Roberts.  Pastor Roberts began his post-secondary educational training at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff with a concentration in Criminal Justice and completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies in 1994 at Crichton College, located in Memphis, TN.  He obtained a Masters of Divinity degree from the Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary in Memphis, TN in 2009. Pastor Roberts is currently seeking a Ph.D. in Leadership at Carolina University, Winston-Salem, NC.

In response to the call of the gospel of Jesus Christ in 1987, Pastor Roberts was licensed by Golden Gate Cathedral (formerly Golden Baptist Church) of Memphis, TN.  In October 1993, he was ordained into the Gospel Ministry at the Golden Gate Cathedral of Memphis, TN where he served as Associate Pastor until he was called to the office of Pastor at New Bellevue Baptist Church in August 1995.

In 1998, Pastor Roberts founded the Kingdom Fellowship Baptist Church in Memphis, TN.  He served as the President of Mid-South Covenant Churches, Memphis, TN. In 2019, Pastor Roberts was called to Greater Beulah Baptist Church where he is the Senior Pastor.

He is the loving husband of one wife, Ms. Jacqueline A. Roberts of 41 years.  They have five daughters and seven grandchildren. Reverend Roberts and his wife reside in Dothan, AL


At the age of 9 years old, Pastor Roberts received the gift of Jesus Christ, but it was at the age of 15 years old that he began to experience faith in God through the Homegoing of his cousin who succumbed to cancer.  Praying that God would keep his cousin alive, he realized that God was answering his prayers, but his cousin was suffering, indeed.  Pastor Roberts acknowledged to God that he believes that he heard him and his prayers, so he asked God to not allow his relative to suffer any longer, this resulted in his transition to heaven.

In 1986, Pastor Roberts was in the position to experience faith once again, when he journeyed from Pine Bluff, AR to Lompoc, CA.  He accepted a job in this area with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, which led him from his family to an unknown place, but the faith he had in God, propelled and supported him.  During this time, God called him to the gospel ministry, however, Pastor Roberts did not answer until later.

In 1987, he was transferred to the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Memphis, TN. Pastor Roberts answered the call of God at Golden Gate Baptist Church, while under the leadership of Bishop Edward H. Stephens, Jr. This led to his pastoral journey as the Shepherd of New Bellevue Baptist Church in 1995 and then his founding of Kingdom Fellowship Baptist Church in 1998. The shifting was not easy for Reverend Roberts and his family, for they lost everything only to see God give it all back, according to Joshua 1:5-6, “I will not fail thee nor forsake thee; Be strong and of good courage…”

The Philosophy of Ministry

My philosophy of ministry is to teach the Scriptures to God‟s people so they may be adequately equipped with the tools to do the work of the Lord. My ministry is committed to giving hope to those who desire an abundant life through God by way of evangelism. I believe it is essential to enrich and empower God‟s people through teaching the good news of Jesus Christ (that He died for our sins, but He rose for our salvation), render love and care to the downtrodden through fellowship. Dedicated to the youth by helping them excel in a seemingly hopeless society, I take a holistic approach to find solutions to help people of all walks of life who want a better life. I envision a place where people of different backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses, and races can meet to find new hope. I will empower the have-nots with the life-changing good news of God‟s saving grace. My philosophy of ministry is to build a city of refuge where want more and desire better, get the best that Christ has to offer.

My Single Best Passion

My single best passion is H.Y.P.E (Helping Young People Excel), which is an outreach ministry, founded based on the vision of God‟s children to receive the inheritance that God promised Abraham (Genesis 17:1-9). It is my passion that young people know who they are in God, for I Peter says, “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people…”

My Leadership Style

The style of leadership that I have adopted is that of the “One Minute Manager” by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson (1982), to set clear goals, empower the team, and accomplish goals, and encouraging those who struggle in poor performance to rise toward their full potential.

My leadership style is one of high integrity, ideals, and regard for my fellow man. It is to empower those around me to lead better and more productive lives, inspiring trust, and fellowship in their communities. I do this through, Vision, Management, Team Leading, Encouragement, and Risk-taking; a style that is important in building a relationship between the senior pastor, deacons, and professional staff.

Vision: I possess the ability to define the common direction of the church to the deacons, and professional staff, that a unified vision may be accomplished for the kingdom of God.

Management: I communicate with good leaders who have the logistics of organizing people to get the work completed. Along with the ministry staff, we will solve issues as they arise and celebrate victories.

Team Leading: Winning souls for Christ is essential to kingdom-building, so having a strong team- building foundation will propel the vision of the church forward. Establishing a great relationship and leadership stance will ensure a victory for the team.

Encouragement: In my opinion, this factor serves as the most important. I believe in encouraging and supporting the people that are connected to me and when they are working to advance the kingdom of God. I recognize the potential in others and my job is to nurture that potential so that it may bloom to benefit the staff and organization.

Risk-taking: At appropriate times, I have a tendency to take risks that will optimize opportunities for the church, increase membership, and lead worship activities. So working with ministry staff in this capacity, I believe in taking risks when God grants the opportunity to take advantage of open doors.

It is my desire to work with the deacons and ministry staff to accomplish the great mission of the Church.